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Wellness & Self-Care Resource Guide for Students: Home

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"There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither." -

- Alan Cohen

Welcome to the FDU Libraries Wellness and Self-Care Guide! This guide contains tips for managing stress, activities to do to recenter and refocus during chaotic times, and ways to insert wellness in your everyday life. As always, we are here to help, do not be afraid to us questions any time. 

This guide is organized into the following categories: 

  • Talk 
    • ➼ This page holds resources for therapy, psychiatry, and general mental health.
  • Breathe
    • ➼ This page holds resources for meditation. From getting started to folks who just need some guidance. 
  • Sleep
    • ➼ This page holds helpful podcasts, YouTube channels, and playlists to help relax and improve sleep.
  • Move
    • ➼ This page holds free online workouts, information about the fitness centers on the FDU campuses, and FDU Sports Clubs.
  • Eat
    • ➼ This page holds free cookbooks or cookbooks available through the library that meet you where you are in your cooking journey, as well as dining hall information, and mindful eating tips.
  • Organize
    • ➼ This page holds books the library has available to you to help get yourself and life organized, as well as free planner applications on the phone and desktop.