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This is the course guide designed to help Dr. Htay's EPS students find research and other contextual background information for their Social Media Influencer assignments. Please don't hesitate to reach out to your librarian(s) if you have any questions!

Your Librarian: Brooke Duffy

Today we will: 

  • practice search techniques for your Social Media Influencer assignment

  • locate and evaluate web-based background information sources

  • discuss critical reading techniques

You can use the following page to help you translate this or any other page into your language of choice:

Excerpts from Dr. Htay's Assignment

Your research paper:

  • 3-4 page (for Undergraduate students) or 5-6 page (for Graduate students)

  • formatted in APA 7th edition

  • includes evidence to support your claim of how your assigned social media influencer exhibits the qualities identified
    by the assigned articles

    • your evidence (your research) should come from credible and scholarly sources.

      • credible sources may include online interviews, videos, Instagram and Twitter.

  • examines how these key elements of influencing, as explained in the assigned article(s) - below -, are evident in the social media influencer you are assigned.

Library Databases

You can use the following databases to find information on:

  • your specific social media influencer (remember - you may have to Google them - there might not be academic sources specifically about your influencer, especially if they are newer / lesser known)

  • parasocial relationships

  • opinion leadership

  • social media influencers in general, especially of a certain type that relates to your influencer (ex: nutrition influencer, fitness influencer, travel influencer, etc.)

Databases for Finding Background Information

Databases for Locating Scholarly Articles

Databases for Finding News Articles

Assigned Articles

Articles assigned by Dr. Htay with background information on Opinion Leadership, Para-Social Relationships, and personality qualities of Social Media Influencers. You should refer to these in your analysis (see full assignment for specific questions):

“Opinion Leadership Vs. Para-Social Relationship: Key Factors In Influencer Marketing” by S. Farivar, F. Wang, &
Y. Yuan (2021).

“Who Are the Social Media Influencers? A Study of Public Perceptions of Personality” by K. Freberg, K. Graham,
K. McGaughey, & L. A. Freberg (2011).

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