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ENTR 2710/3710: Secondary Research Sources: Welcome


Welcome to the Secondary Research Sources Course Guide! This guide was created to help students conduct secondary research to test the feasibilities of their business idea/model. Please use the tabs at the top of the page to navigate this guide for a variety of information related to entrepreneurship and business/industry research.

Industry Information

This is where you should first research what your product's or service's industry sector is called and if it has any alternative names. For example Bottled Water is also referred to as Packaged Water.

Industry Market Size and Growth

This is a look at how the product or service has performed in the recent past.

Researching Companies and Competitors

Market Composition

Includes which brands dominate the market and their market share.


Search the databases below for articles that discuss trends in an industry.  

Recommended search phrase:

"[INSERT YOUR INDUSTRY] industry" AND trends

Example: "bottled water industry" AND trends

Target Market & Demographics

Target Market (Who is your product's or service's target market?)

Demographics (Where is your target market located?)