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Persistent Links in FDU Online Databases Guide: Home

How to find persistent links in the library's databases.

Persistent Linking

A persistent link is a static URL for a specific article retrieved from a database. Think of a persistent link as the permanent ID for this particular article in this particular database. Other terms for persistent link include "Permalink", "Stable URL", and "Document URL." Copying and pasting this URL (into Word, or WebCampus, as examples) allows a user to go directly to this specific article by clicking on the link, and not having to re-execute the search. A persistent link is specific to the particular database where you initially found the article (e.g., CINAHL). Clicking on the link will take you back to the article within CINAHL, even though the same article may be available in another database as well. Most of the library's databases use these persistent links, though some of the smaller or data driven databases do not. 

Below is a list of vendor/publishers which offer persistent linking.


Databases with Smart Linking

The following publishers/vendors offer direct smart linking from the browser address bar. You can copy the URL and share it as is. 

example URL

  • American Chemical Society
  • Chronicle of Higher Education
  • Cochrane Library
  • Conference Board
  • Country Watch
  • CQ Press
  • Docuseek2
  • Elsevier (Science Direct)
  • Nature Weekly
  • Oxford 
  • RKMA
  • Ulrichsweb
  • Value Line
  • Wiley 
  • Wolters Kluwer (UpToDate)


Databases with Persistent Linking Tools

The following databases offer persistent links through tools in the database. Click on each for more information.

Databases Requiring a Proxy Addition

​The following publisher/providers require a proxy prefix to work off campus. The proxy prefix tells the database provider you are associated with FDU and allows you to use your NET ID to sign in. Without it the database provider does not know you are an FDU user and will not allow you to access the resource.  

  • ABC-CLIO (Pop Culture Universe)
  • Facts on File 
  • Gartner
  • MarketLine Advantage
  • Plunkett Research Online
  • Sage


Try our persistent link generator

Paste (or type) the article's link:

Converted Link


You can also manually update a link to create a persistent URL.

Example  A persistent link from Facts on File:

If the link was copied and pasted exactly as shown here (as it is presented in the article), the article could be accessed from on campus however you would need to add the EZproxy prefix in order to access the article remotely. Add the prefix before the original URL.

The edited URL would look like this: