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Persistent Links in FDU Online Databases Guide: Non-Subscription Websites

How to find persistent links in the library's databases.

Other Non-Library Subscription Websites

Many times you will find content you would like to share with students from sources which are not library subscriptions, such as YouTube videos, or articles freely available on the internet. Feel free to do so, just keep in mind the following:

  • - First, make sure the link is not sharing copyrighted material in violation of Fair Use. 
  • - If you are sharing a link to a free resource which requires an account you may not be able to link directly to the resource. Students may need to create their own account first.
  • - If while viewing the site you were asked to accept or turn on cookies the URL you are given may or may not be stable.
  • - If you are sharing a link to a site with a limited number of free previews there is a chance the student will not be able to access it, or may be able to initially access but then lose access if they use up their free views. Many newspapers follow this model. 
  • - With open internet links there is no guarantee the link will remain persistent. It is a good idea to check the links from time to time.