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Pharmacy: Pharmacopeia


USP Dictionary of United States Adopted Names (USAN)

British Pharmacopeia

BP includes

  • BP (Veterinary) and the European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.)
  • general notices (providing general information applicable to all texts)
  • general monographs (apply to all dosage forms)
  • specific monographs providing mandatory standards for:
  • active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • excipients
  • formulated preparations (licensed and unlicensed products)
  • herbal drugs, herbal drug products and herbal medicinal products
  • materials for use in the manufacture of homoeopathic preparations
  • blood-related products
  • immunological products
  • radiopharmaceutical preparations
  • infrared reference spectra
  • appendices
  • supplementary chapters (providing additional guidance)
  • comprehensive index


European Pharmacopeia

Japanese Pharmacopeia