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Films on Demand: Basic Functionality

Searching and Browsing

Like many of the library's databases, Films on Demand (FoD) allows you to search the collection by keyword or browse by subject. FoD also allows you to create a personal account for additional functionality.

The advanced search feature allows you to perform more complicated searches and apply a number of filters such as limiting results by type, date, subject, etc.

films on demand menu

  • The browse option can be found under the menu options in the upper left of the page. 
  • You can sign in to your account using the sign in option in the upper right of the page.

Viewing Videos

Segments - The segment tab acts as a table of contents for the video. Click on the individual segment to jump to the part of the video. Not all videos are divided in to segments. 

Transcripts - You also have the option of viewing the transcript. The transcript can be searched to navigate to different parts of the video. By clicking on the text in the transcript the video will jump to that point. Transcripts can also be downloaded as a PDF. 

search results

Below each video you have a number of options

  • Share - Allows you to share this video by email or provides an embed code for adding to a web page.
  • Add to - If you have created a personal account you can save this video to your collection.
  • Cite - Provides the citation need to use this video in your work. (MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard)
  • Segments - Create and share your own clip of this video

Each video also comes with a brief description to help you determine if the video is relevant to what you are looking for. You can also find a set of tags associated with this video. By clicking on the tag you will perform a search for videos using the same tag. Lastly, you can see the video's production information such as the producer, run time, and type.


Creating a Personal Account

Films on Demand allows you to create your own personal profile. Some of the benefits of the personal profile are:

  • Save a personal collection of videos/segments.
  • Create lists of videos/segments to share with others.
  • Setup notifications when new videos in your area of interest are added.
  • Change your default language options.
  • Modify your closed caption settings.

The profile creation/log in can be found at the top left of any Films on Demand page.

profile log in

If you are creating an account for the first time you will be asked to fill out an account form. It is preferred you use your FDU email address as the account email address. You will also be given the option to sign up for alerts at this point. You can always opt in or out at a later date.

Once you have created an account you will be able to access added features.

  • My Content - stores any saved segments or videos to this location, including classes below. 
  • Classes - allows you to sort your saved segments or videos in to categories and invite other to view them.
  • Profile - change your email, alerts, or password.
  • Account Settings - Change your default language, citation style, closed captioning style, and video playback options.

account options