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WRIT 1003 (Miller) - Argument Paper Research: Welcome

Professor Miller's WRIT 1003

This guide was created for Professor Miller's WRIT 1003 class to help aid in research for the argument paper.

Identifying Keyword Search Terms

Take key terms from your topic or research question to create keyword search terms that you will use to search within a database.

While websites such as Google allow you to search using full phrases, databases work by using one or two keywords. For example, "What is social justice in marketing campaigns?" could be "social justice" AND "marketing campaigns" rather than a complete phrase.

You may need to try multiple search terms related to your topic to find results, such as using "equity" in place of "social justice" or "corporate marketing" instead of "marketing campaigns." 

You can find more tips on how to conduct an effective search under the "Research Help" tab located at the top of this page. 

Suggested Databases for Computer Science/Technology

Suggested Databases for Criminal Justice

Suggested Databases for Education

Suggested Databases for Engineering

Suggested Databases for Psychology

Suggested Databases for Political Science

Workshops & Events

Off-Campus Access

Off-campus (remote) access to the FDU Libraries is available to students, faculty, and staff. When a database or resource is selected, a prompt for your FDU NetID and password will appear on your screen. Access will be granted upon verification of your credentials.