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WRIT 1003 (Horna): Comp II Research and Argument: Home


This is the course guide designed to help Dr. Horna's WRIT 1003 students find historical newspaper articles and other contextual background information about celebrities. Please don't hesitate to reach out to your librarian(s) if you have any questions!

Your Librarian: Brooke Duffy

Today we will:

search library databases and other search engines in order to access both historical newspaper articles and background information about your celebrity pairs.

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Celebrity Pairs

Listed below are the celebrity pairs from Dr. Horna. Please figure out date ranges you would like to research for each celebrity. When you begin to search for each celebrity in the databases you will be able to search within specific date ranges to filter your results.

Beloved/Notorious Pairs

  • Louis Armstrong/Miles Davis
  • Ella Fitzgerald/Billie Holiday
  • Pete Seeger/Bob Dylan
  • Jimmy Stewart/Marlon Brando
  • Bob Hope/Jerry Lewis
  • Doris Day/Marilyn Monroe
  • Shirley Temple/Judy Garland
  • Johnny Carson/David Letterman
  • Mr. Rogers/Pee Wee Herman
  • Babe Ruth/Joe DiMaggio
  • Joe Louis/Muhammad Ali
  • Robert Frost/Robert Lowell
  • Dwight Eisenhower/Richard Nixon
  • Ronald Reagan/Bill Clinton

What are Primary Sources?

Biographical & Background Information

You can use the following databases to find biographical and contextual information about your celebrities. These are not historical sources but sources that will help you understand basic facts, key events, and important people in the lives and times of your celebrities.

Search for Historical News on Celebrities Here

Historical Articles from New York Times Online

Historical Newspapers (Open Access Databases)

More recent newspaper databases