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COMM 2099 / EGTG 2210 (Kidder): Home


This is the course guide designed to help Dr. Kidder's students find research and other contextual background information for their assignments. Please don't hesitate to reach out to your librarian(s) if you have any questions!

Your Librarian: Brooke Duffy

Today we will: 

  • practice using search techniques in library databases

  • locate and evaluate web-based background information sources

  • locate APA citations generated by library databases


Answer one of the following (refer to full assignment for more details):

  • Assess the effects of allowing employees to work from home.

  • Assess the effects of "bossware" (employee surveillance software).

  • Assess the effects of DEI/JEDI/EDI initiatives in the workplace.

  • Describe the best practices for forming a labour union within BC law.

Library Databases

You can use the following databases to find research, current news publications, and other contextual information for this assignment.

To start: Search using a simple keyword or key phrase relating to your selected prompt. We will go over how to construct search statements to use in these databases using the Search Techniques.

Databases for Finding Background Information

Databases for Locating Scholarly Articles

Canadian News Publications

More Databases for Finding News Articles

Contact Us

Request Items Via Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan expands the range of available research materials. Materials not owned by FDU Libraries may be obtained from other libraries through Interlibrary Loan. Please see Requesting Interlibrary Loans for information on how to request materials to be sent to FDU Libraries.

At this time we can only fulfill requests for digital articles and book chapters for Vancouver students, faculty, and staff. If you need access to a book, please contact a librarian and we can try to acquire it as an ebook if we do not already offer access. Feel free to suggest an ebook purchase via this form: Suggest a Purchase Form.

Your Librarian