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Mintel: Searching

Searching Mintel Academic

 Mintel allows you to search all of its reports, analyses, and news using the SEARCH BOX on the top of the page. 

To begin your search enter your KEY TERMS in the SEARCH BOX.

mintel search box

Mintel breaks your results down in to two sections, suggested reports and all other reports and results. 

mintel search results

You can also NARROW your results by country, date, content type, sector, or demographic using the options under the REFINE BY menu on the left.

mintel narrow results


Once you have results that match your KEY TERMS and have been NARROWED down to focus on your topic you can select any of the results by clicking on the report edition for suggested reports or the title for all other results. 

mintel select results

Mintel reports follow a common layout. Each report is broken down in to five sections, Overview, Market, Consumer, Brand/Company, and Data. Each of these sections also has a number subsections. To look at any part of the reports click on the subsection you want to review.

mintel report

You can also download part but not all of the report using the download menu in each report,

mintel download

Finally, you can also search within each report or report subsction to find KEY TERMS.

mintel search in results