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Simmons Catalyst Database Guide Version 2.0: Home

About MRI Simmons

MRI Simmons provides access to consumer data including demographics, product usage, lifestyle characteristics, brand preferences, and media habits.  This powerful tool enables users to create custom research reports using data from Simmons National Consumer Survey, a survey of more than 23,000 U.S. adults, 500 product categories and over 8,000 brands. Survey data is obtained from the continental United States.

MRI Simmons Guides and Training Video

Here is some helpful information for learning how to use MRI Simmons.  If you would like to see some of the other resources that MRI Simmons has to offer, click on the link called  Catalyst Resource Center.  

Uses for Simmons Data

Marketing Strategy

1. Help marketers identify the target market for a product.

2. Find out which consumer groups are more likely to use a specific brand of product.

Advertising Strategy

1. Discover the best types of traditional and digital media for reaching your target market.

2. Identify the lifestyle characteristics of people who live in a specific geographic location.

Statistical Data

1. Analyze the psychographic statistics (interests, opinions, attitudes, lifestyles, spending behavior) associated with your target audience (e.g. what percentage of 18-24 year old women are impulse shoppers).

2. Find out how many survey respondents currently use a product in order to gauge a new product's market potential.

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