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UNIV 1002: "Around the World in Eighty Jobs" Library Lesson: Home

Welcome to the UNIV1002 "Around the World in Eighty Jobs" Library Lesson!  

In this lesson you will be able to:

  • Connect the overall research process to the career search process;
  • Navigate a variety of information systems, including the library's website, catalog, and databases, in order to access career-oriented information in a variety of formats

Please refer to the Research Process Study Guide to find more information about how to use the following databases to support your research process.  You can also review the steps of the Research Process by reading the graphics located on the right-side of this page.

Please follow the directions below to complete this lesson.

1. This lesson will require you to use 4 different online resources to find information to answer the questions.  Click on all of the links below to open each of the resources:

*From off-campus, you will be asked to log in with your FDU NetID and password to access these library databases.

2. Open another browser or tab and go to Enter the two game codes provided by your instructor to access the lesson.

3. Explore and have fun!

4. Take this quiz to review what you have learned.

Off Campus Access

Remote (off campus) access to the FDU databases is available only to FDU students, faculty, and staff.

To access a database from off campus, select it from the library's A-Z Databases List. You will be prompted for your FDU NET ID and password. Upon verification you will be given access to the database. 


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