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PUBH 6001 – Foundations and Issues of Public Health : Required Texts for PUBH6001


In this section, you will find some required materials for PUBH6001: Foundations and Issues of Public Health.


Birkhead, G.S., Morrow, C.B., & Pirani, S. (2022). Turnock's Public Health: What it is and how it works. (7th Ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning, LLC. ISBN: 978-1-284-18120-3. Available on Amazon.

American Psychological Association (APA). (2010). Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. (7th. Ed.). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association. ISBN: 978-1433832178. Available on Amazon

Suggested: Schneider, M.J. (2017). An Introduction to Public Health. (5th Ed). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning, LLC. ISBN: 987-1-284-089233-3. Available on Amazon

Suggested: The Elements of Style, Classic Editions 2018 By William Strunk Jr., Richard De A’Morelli. Publisher: Spectrum Ink Publishing/ ISBN: 13-9781643990033. Available on Amazon

Brooklyn Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) Collection

Brooklyn Historical Society Guide to Arnie Goldwag Brooklyn Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) collection ARC.002

Box: 1 

Folder: 5 

Additional Materials

Chapman, A.R. (2009). Globalization, human rights, and the social determinants of health.   Bioethics 23(2): 97-111. Access here.

Frieden, T.R. (2010). A framework for public health action: the health impact pyramid. American Journal of Public Health 100(4): 590-595. Access here.

Thirsted, R.A. (2003). Are there social determinants of health and disease? Perspectives in Biology and Medicine, 46(3): S65-S73. Access here. 

Davis, M.V., Cannon, M.M., Reese, A., Lovette, B., and Porterfield, D.S. (2011). Public health case studies in diabetes prevention and control: innovation, partnerships, and funding. N.C. Med J., 72(5): 366-371. 

Hepburn, V.A., Eger, R., Kim, J., and Slade, C. (2007). Structuring a framework for public health performance-based budgeting: a Georgia case study. J. Public Health Management Practice, 31(2): 173-179. Access here.

Honore, P.A., Fos, P.J., Smith, T., Riley, M., and Karmarz, K. (2010). Decision science: a scientific approach to enhance public health budgeting. J Public Health Management Practice, 16(2): 98-103. 

Aarons, G.A., Ehrhart, M.G., Farahnak, L.R., and Sklar, M., (2014). Aligning leadership across systems and organizations to develop strategic climate for evidence-based practice implementation. Annu.Rev. Public Health 35: 255-274. Doi: 10.1146/annurev-pubhealth.032013-182447. Access here.

Bernheim, R.G. and Melnick, A. (2008). Principled leadership in public health: integrating ethics into practice and management.  J. Public Health Management Practice, 14(4): 358-366. Access here.