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Public Company Information

Find Annual Financial and Computed Ratios use the following databases:

Industry Norms and Key Business Ratios

RMA Industry Ratios are the annual statement studies produced by Risk Management Associates. The introduction, definitions and an explanation of all lines of the RMA ratios is available from the below PDF. Please use this file for a more thorough understanding of all the statistics on the two sheets of your industry ratios gathered from RMA.

Industry Norms and key business Ratios. RMA annual statement studies. Philadelphia: Risk Management Associates.     Annual Statement Studies - RMA

Industries Chart

Market Return

Market return links your individual stock’s performance to the average market performance. A tool which is used to capture this risk or performance of the stock is the BETA coefficient. The listed databases can be used to find the Beta. The below databases will also give the overall market information and total return for a listed stocks.

lists the beta on the left side of the Stock Page Analysis.


FINRA=Financial Industry Regulatory Authority

FINRA exists to insure the integrity of the United States securities markets. They are an independent authority which protects all investors both corporate and individual.  On the left side of the page in the gray box click on Tools & Calculators.  Under the heading for investment tools will be a link called  FINRA Market Data. Click on that link and you will find bond information in this area.

Corporate Bond Information

bond information will give you both current and historical corporate and municipal bond information.

will list bond information only if the corporation is currently selling bonds on the open market.

Corporate Bond information is sometimes listed in a 10K filing. It will appear in the "Notes to Financial Statements" portion. It will be referred to as Debt Obligations or Long Term Debt.

Graph of the Treasury Yield Curve

Database in the Selection and Opinion Section will give a graph of the Treasury Yield Curve.

will also list the Treasury Yield Curve on their bond websites.


Multinational and International Corporate Information

gives the most extensive information on multinational and international corporations. News stories will be found to the left of the snapshot page.<

specializes in multinational and international company information. Public company profiles will give a geographic breakdown of revenue in their company reports. Check the "Revenue Analysis" portion to get this information.

in addition to their overall listing of international and multinational companies it dedicates one volume exclusively to Asian Companies and one volume exclusively to Canadian industries. In general all the Plunkett resources give various statistical information difficult to find in a convenient format.

will give international information on business and trade environments, the current economic climate, statistical rankings, taxation, business culture, trade compliance for imports and exports, and more. Major contributions from Ernst & Young, The World Bank, World Trade Organization, and GALA (Global Advertising Law Alliance) are included.

is a global, non-advocacy, not-for-profit association. It is the world's most widely-quoted private source of management and economic research.Find information on corporate social responsibility discussed in this resource.

provides geopolitical and economic information on 194 independent and sovereign states of the world. Use the currency converter when searching for economic data and calculating the EXCHANGE RATE.


SSRN=Social Science Research Network

Use these links from the SSRN database to find articles on market efficiency in the finance fields.



Finance Websites

New York Stock Exchange Home Page:

NASDAQ Home Page

Investing in Bonds Home Page

Yahoo finance home page

Corruption Index in Country Watch Database. Transparency International is a global coalition against corruption which tracts government and political behavior in 180 countries. Country Watch Database has an easy link to this index. Go to Country Watch Database at the Quick Links entry select your country from the list of countries. Once you have your country scroll down on the left side to INVESTMENT OVERVIEW. Under this heading you will see CORRUPTION PERCEPTIONS INDEX. Click this and you will find a list of countries scroll down to find your country in the list.

Transparency International Home Page:

Forecast Charts has been providing financial forecasts and historical financial data since 2005. This database contains a chart representing 45 years of annual returns for the NYSE Composite Index.  Simply click on the link to access this data.

The Wall Street Journal website contains a Market Data section that contains current financial information including treasury bill data as well as treasury notes and bond data. To access this information click on this link.







General Company News and Information

will give company information from all the major United States city newspapers. The only full text of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and the New York Times is found in this database.

is a Proquest database that will give management and company information.

(BSP) will give you both academic and trade publication news about public and private companies. It will give you management styles, strategies, and leadership initiatives. Harvard Business Review is indexed and available full text in this database.

can be added to the BSP from the "choose databases" search for more local trade publications.

go to the ONESOURCE key and see the News for general business information. Use the company search to find company specific information on their individual page. Click the (New & Analysis) tab on the left.


Very Important Websites

1. How to Cite Business Databases using the APA Style go to:

2. United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics this is a gold mine of current and historic data.

3. If you need data on the City of New York an outstanding source is The Weissman Center for International Business Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College, The City University of New York.

Trading in Options/Options Contracts

Options and options contracts can be located in the interactive features found in FINRA. Use your publicly traded company as an access point to get into the options trading portion.

Segment Reporting Disclosure

All companies in the United States that issue stocks and bonds to the public must register with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This government body requires that publicly traded companies must give investors adequate information about the products and services that generate their companies’ revenues.

The SEC in turn has designated the private nonprofit accounting organization called the Financial Accounting Standards Board or FASB as the blueprint setter for how the public companies report their financial offerings. The FASB has created a specific format that companies must follows when they file their financial offerings into the open market.

For segment reporting they have issued the following:

Statement of Financial Accounting Standards (SFAS) No. 131, Disclosure about Segments of an Enterprise and Related Information.