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Ebook Central Database Guide: Book Details

Book Details

Whether you find a book through searching ProQuest Ebook Central or your library catalog, we provide lots of information about the book to help you decide whether to use it for your research.

At a glance you can see:

  • If the title is currently available
  • How many copies are available at your institution
  • The Table of Contents and book description
  • Copy and print allowances
  • How long you can download the book for
  • Full set of bibliographic data, including series and edition

If you choose to work with the book, you may do the following:

  • Read online
  • Download the full book
  • Download the specific chapter
  • Save tthe book to your bookshelf
  • Share a link to the book
  • Cite the book

For select books, your institution may offer five (5) minutes of reading before you need to request longer use at no charge to you. Simply click the Request button, fill out the quick form, and submit to your librarian for approval.

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