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Sage Premier Database Guide: Searching

Searching Sage Premier

Suppose your professor has given you an assignment to find an article discussing the effect of water quality on the health of local fish populations.  Your first step is to determine your KEY TERMS. In this case they are WATER QUALITY and FISH

When searching Sage Premier, make sure to check the 

If you perform a search for WATER QUALITY you would retrieve over 3,000 results as seen below. This is more than you could reasonably evaluate and chances are most of the results will not be on your topic. 

Use AND to narrow your results. This time search WATER QUALITY AND FISH. Notice your results have dropped to 736 and they will be more focused on your topic. 


You  can  also choose to NARROW your search by DATE RANGE to find only results in a particular time period. 

If we limit our result to the last 5 years we are down to 206 results.