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JSTOR: Selecting Results

A quick guide to finding resources in JSTOR

Selecting Results


Let’s take a look at one of the results in our search. From the results screen you can see the TITLEAUTHOR, and SOURCE of the article, in this case “Icons of Desire: The Classical Statue in Late Victorian Literature.” By Jane Thomas published in The Yearbook of English Studies. Click the article title to select this result. 

select results

Again you can see the TITLEAUTHOR, and SOURCE of the article. View the ABSTRACT using the REFERENCES tab below the article entry. An ABSTRACT is a brief summary of the article which allows you to see what the article is about and if it will be useful to you, without having to read the whole thing. 

To view the PDF for this article  click the DOWNLOAD PDF button to the right of the page.

**Some articles in JSTOR will have their abstract listed under the ARTICLE tab and will only allow you to view the article using the DOWNLOAD PDF option.