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Academic Search Premier Database Guide: Selecting Results

An introduction to searching and using Academic Search Premier

Selecting Results


Let’s take a look at one of the results in our search. From the results screen you can see the TITLEAUTHOR, and SOURCE of the article, in this case “The Ethics of Human Cloning in Narrative Fiction.” By Amit Marcus published in Comparative Literature Studies.


Click on the article TITLE to see more detailed information. Again you can see the TITLEAUTHOR, and SOURCE. In addition you can now view the ABSTRACT. An ABSTRACT is a brief summary of the article which allows you to see what the article is about without having to read the whole thing. It is always a good idea to do this instead of reading, in this case a 29 page article, and finding out the article is not useful to you. The ABSTRACT and SUBJECT TERMS can also supply you with more KEYWORDS to use to modify your original search. 



To access the article, click on the FULL TEXT icon on the top left of the page. This icon will either say  PDF FULL TEXT, HTML FULL TEXT, or LINKED FULL TEXT.