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WRIT_1002 Comp I: Rhetoric and Inquiry - Prof. Wagner: Credible Sources

Critical Reading Tips to Help You Evaluate Sources for Credibility

Critical reading

Critical Reading Toolkit

Fact Checking

Using Web Searches to Locate Credible Background Information

Experimenting with emerging technologies to broaden your own understanding can be valuable, time-saving, and can help you to connect the dots in ways that you may not have been able to do so on your own.

Google searches, Wikipedia searches, and more can be very useful for quickly locating background information and selecting helpful keywords that you can search library databases with. Please make sure to first discuss parameters laid out by your professor about what you can and cannot use in your research papers. The following examples contain surprising information and how humans are shaping information technologies, and technologies are shaping human knowledge which may make you think differently about the places you commonly visit (or avoid!) looking for quick background information.

Be aware that your own thoughts and voice are unique and exercising them frequently by critically thinking and reading is an opportunity to flex your creativity, to challenge systemic bias, and to come up with novel ideas. In the long term, not practicing critical thinking, particularly on a larger human scale may have unintended consequences. You can read dozens of news articles every day about the advancements of algorithms and generative AI and the implications this will have on just about every aspect of human society.