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UNIV 2001 (Karrer): Cross Cultural Perspectives: Home


This is the course guide designed to help Prof. Karrer's UNIV 2001 students find research and other contextual background information for their assignments. Please don't hesitate to reach out to your librarian(s) if you have any questions!

Your Librarian: Brooke Duffy

9/15/2023: Computer Lab Scavenger Hunt on Nacirema Reading

Today we will: 

  • discuss critical reading techniques

  • evaluate web-based background information sources

  • practice search techniques to better understand the Nacirema reading

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Searching the web for background information

Experimenting with emerging technologies to broaden your own understanding can be valuable, time-saving, and can help you to connect the dots in ways that you may not have been able to do so on your own.

Be aware that your own thoughts and voice are unique and exercising them frequently by critically thinking and reading is an opportunity to flex your creativity, to challenge systemic bias, and to come up with novel ideas. In the long term, not practicing critical thinking, particularly on a larger human scale may have unintended consequences. You can read dozens of news articles every day about the advancements of algorithms and generative AI and the implications this will have on just about every aspect of human society.

Here are a few hopefully thought provoking examples about surprising ways humans are shaping information technologies, and technologies are shaping human systems:

Library Databases for Scavenger Hunt

You can use the following databases to find historical and cultural contextual information. These sources will help you understand basic facts, key events, and other concepts. You can browse by topic, time period, or search by a simple keyword or key phrase.

Tips for Critical Reading

Critical reading

Critical Reading Toolkit

Fact Checking

Nacirema Scavenger Hunt Topics

Some historical cultural reference examples for research:

  • Beauty Norms in the 1950’s
  • American history and anecdotes (Washington and the cherry tree)
  • Historical Fiction
  • Privacy and mystery in the bathroom
  • Worship of / dependence on medicines and prescriptions (present in American bathrooms)
  • American medical system / health insurance
  • Dental methodology (dentistry)
  • Therapy/Analysis 
  • Cosmetic surgery