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Infobase History Databases: Search/Browse

Searching or Browsing the Collection?

Finding relevant information in these collections can be done in one of two ways, searching or browsing. If you are looking for something specific you would most likely want to use the search or advanced search options. If you are looking for a broader overview of a topic you may want to try the browse feature then from there you can then drill down to specific areas of interest.


Searching the collection allows you to perform a keyword or subject search of the collection and will return results relevant to the terms you use. This can be useful when you know specifically what it is you are looking for. To perform a search you can enter your search terms in the search box or you can use the Advanced Search. 

basic search box

The advanced search is found under the Search Options tab in the search menu and  allows you to not only use keywords or subjects to search the collection but also allows you to limit your results to a specific type of result such as primary sources, videos, images, etc. 

advanced search screen

Example search results. 


Browsing the collection allows you to look at broader themes within the collection and can be a good starting point if for a better overview.

browse screen

An example of a topic in the American History collection.

example topic

From here you can drill down to more specific content.