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INTEC 1111 Course Guide: Home


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This guide will assist you with your INTEC 1111 course assignments. We've broken this resource into sections to help you get started on your research assignments. This first page introduces the library and the librarians who will teach the course. "Library Resources" provides access to guides that will assist you in utilizing any of the online library's resources. The "Technology Tools" section contains a curated collection of tools that you may utilize in this course, as well as links to their websites. The "Citation Support" page will point you in to resources for writing correctly formatted citations and reference lists. As always, please contact any of the librarians if you need assistance.

Introduction to the Library

Welcome to the Fairleigh Dickinson University Libraries! While academic libraries have similarities with high school libraries, you may notice a few key differences. For starters, the books and resources available through an academic library are more specific to the disciplines taught at the university. While FDU Libraries do have general interest materials, for the most part materials are meant to supplement the courses offered and the research needs of faculty and students. In addition to physical books and scholarly journals, academic libraries have databases that can be used to support research in targeted disciplines. 

Finding materials in an academic library might also be different than what you are used to in a high school library. While many high school libraries use the Dewey Decimal system to organize their books, academic libraries typically organize books using Library of Congress classification

Learning how to use and navigate an academic library can feel overwhelming at first. Fortunately, FDU librarians are available to help you make the transition. You can meet with a librarian in-person or chat online whenever the library is open. You'll find out more about FDU Libraries and how to utilize the many services we offer throughout this guide!