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CountryWatch Database Database Guide: Home

CountryWatch provides country-specific geopolitical intelligence on each of the 194 independent and sovereign states of the world.

Who Has Access

FDU students, faculty and staff are able—using their Webmail account user-names and passwords to identify themselves online as members of the FDU community—to gain entry, from any remote location, to FDU Library’s various databases.

There, newspaper, magazine and scholarly journal articles can be found, as well as a great many electronic books, all made accessible through the databases to the FDU online researcher.

Access CountryWatch

Getting Started

Follow these steps to access and use FDU Library’s “CountryWatch” database (db):

1)  To begin, find the library from the University’s website ( or directly from this link:; then, at left of screen, click “A-Z Database List” for a directory of databases. 

2)  Click on “Sort By Subject (All)”

3)  Click “Global Affairs/Country Information

4)  Click “CountryWatch” (from OFF-campus, you will be prompted to enter your FDU WEBMAIL user name and password)

5)  From the CountryWatch db home page, you must click on "Intelligence Zone" and then "Country Reviews." This opens to your choice of country (find it alphabetically by scrolling). Select any country to find a map and detailed overview of the area. To the right of the map, find recent newswire reports. At the left are links to key data, and below that to various links under the headings of political overview, economic overview, investment overview, social overview, environmental overview, and more.



6)  Recommendation: look—under social overview—at “Culture Etiquette” where you’ll find “Cultural Do’s and Taboos” which represent the minimum information you would want to have before traveling to that particular locale!

7)  Have fun! There’s a whole lot to explore!  

    Enjoy the world. It’s here, at your fingertips!


Off Campus Access

Remote (off campus) access to the FDU databases is available only to FDU students, faculty, and staff.

To access a database from off campus, select it from the library's A-Z Databases List. You will be prompted for your FDU NET ID and password. Upon verification you will be given access to the database. 


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