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Scholarly Publishing Guide

What is Open Access?

Open Access is the free, immediate availability of research, learning materials, and other scholarly work in a digital environment. Open access exists because "research leads to breakthroughs, and communicating the results of research is what allows us to turn breakthroughs into better lives—to provide new treatments for disease, to implement solutions for challenges like global warming, and to build entire industries around what were once just ideas" (SPARC, n.d.). 

You may decide that open access is the best route for your research. Open access:

  • Allows faculty, students, researchers, journalists, policy makers, and the general public to access your research without a subscription or paywall
  • Breaks down barriers in accessing scholarly and trustworthy information with immediate and unrestricted access
  • Reaches additional audiences, which may lead to breakthroughs, funding, and more

The following video, Understanding Open Access by Wiley, explains Open Access and its benefits. 

Use the Helpful Links below to learn more about Open Access.

Helpful Links

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