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D&B Hoovers: Industry Information

How to Locate Industry Information

D&B Hoovers contains a wealth of information on different industries.  To begin your search for industry information, go to the desktop and click on Research Industries


You can search for an industry using keywords, industry codes, the name of the industry, or by industry type.  If for example you choose to search by using the industry type, just enter your search terms in the keyword search box and click on the APPLY button.  After you have finished your search, select VIEW RESULTS at the bottom of the page.  D&B Hoover gives you the flexibility of searching for industry information using different search criteria.

The search results consist of industry codes along with an industry description.  Companies are assigned industry codes based on the type of business activity they are engaged in.  D&B Hoovers provides industry codes that are used in a number of different countries.  The United States currently uses the North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) to assign industry codes to businesses, The industry that generates the most revenue for a company is referred to as the primary industry.  Click on the NAICS code to learn more about your industry.


On the left hand side of the page under the heading MARKET RESEARCH is industry information.  D&B Hoovers offers a number of market research reports for this industry including the RMA Industry Norms.  The RMA Industry Norms are financial ratios used to compare the performance of a company to its competitors in the industry.