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D&B Hoovers: Desktop

Navigating the Desktop

On the homepage of D&B Hoovers  you will see the Navigation Bar at the top of the page with a set of six tiles underneath it.  You can search for information using the Global Search Bar, and although it automatically defaults to searching for a company, the dropdown list does provide additional types of information that can be searched. Located on the right side of the navigation bar, the Help button contains resources  for help including webinars, training videos, and help tips.  The Desktop  button can be accessed from every page of the database. 

If you click on Search & Build A List, you will see a drop down menu that gives you the option of searching and creating lists for companies, contacts, news, research & reports, SEC filings, triggers, industries and conceptual searches.  You can also click on any of the tiles on the desktop to access the Search & Build A List feature.


The Global Search Bar automatically defaults to Search for a Company, but if you click on the dropdown menu, you can choose to search for other types of information.  


For easy access to content, you can Pin an item to your desktop by clicking on the gray pin symbol. Items that can be pinned to your desktop include companies, news articles, research reports, company contacts and triggers.  

Pins enable the user to customize the content on the desktop and makes it easier to monitor new activity.  The pinned items darken from gray to black when they are pinned. To unpin an item, just click on the pin again.


After pinning the items, click on the desktop to see the articles pinned to the tiles.  You can pin as many items as you want to the desktop and move the tiles to different positions on the page.