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D&B Hoovers: Build Company List

Build Company List

One of the great features of D&B Hoovers is the ability to generate a company list.  To create a list of companies, click on the Search & Build A List button.  Then, click on Companies from the dropdown menu.   



You  can use different search criteria when building your list including location, company size, industry, company identifiers, advanced financials, conceptual search, and business signals.  Using different criteria will create a more focused search and narrow down your results.


After you create your list, you can click on the names of individual entries to obtain more detailed information about a company including the company history, key personnel, financial statements, stock reports, and so much more.

To make changes to your original search, just click on Edit  which is located on the top left side of the results page.  Company lists can be download as an Excel file or a CSV file.