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Faculty Authors: 2015

Accounting, Business & Taxation

Scott Behson

Behson, S. (2015, February 27). Want to help Mom and kids? Help Dads with their work-family balance. Huffington Post. (Business)

Behson, S. (2015). The working dad's survival guide: How to succeed at work and at home. Melbourne, FL: Motivational Press.

Burçak Ertimur

Ertimur, B. (2015). Navigating Institutional Logics of Markets: Implications for Strategic Brand Management. Journal of Marketing, 79(2), 40-61. (Marketing) 

Scott MacGregor

MacGregor, S. P. (2015). The relative and incremental valuation effects of embedded value by life insurers: Evidence from cross-listed firms in the US. Accounting Horizons, 29(2), 327-339. (Accounting)

Andrew Rosman

Rosman, A. J., Plumlee, R. D., & Rixom, B. A. (2015). Training Auditors to Perform Analytical Procedures Using Metacognitive Skills. The Accounting Review, 90(1), 351-369. doi:10.2308/accr-50856 (Accounting)



Christopher Caldiero

Caldiero, C. (2015). Neo-PR: Public relations in a postmodern world. Peter Lang.



Robyn Lubisco

Lubisco, R., & Birren, F. E. (2015). Limits on schools' ability to regulate off-campus student conduct. Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance, 86(7), 46-47. (Education)

Bryan Meadows

Meadows, B., & Guerrero, C.H.  (2015). Global Professional Identity in Deterretorialized Spaces: A Case Study of a Critical Dialogue Between Expert and Novice Nonnative English Speaker Teachers. PROFILE Issues in Teachers' Professional Development Profile, 17(2), 13-27. doi:10.15446/profile.v17n2.44194

English and Literature

James Gifford

Gifford, J., & Durrell, L. (2015). From the Elephant’s Back: Collected Essays and Travel Writings. University of Alberta Press.


Renee Steinke

Steinke, R. (2015, January 19). Rene Steinke Celebrates the Profound Influence of Independent Bookstores [Web log post]. (Literature) 

Fine Arts

Stacie Lents

Lents, S. (2015). Fire Exit. New York: Playscripts, Inc. (Theater)



Law, Society and Politics

Library Science

Mathematics and Statistics

Philosophy & Religion


Daniel Calcagnetti

Calcagnetti, D. (n.d.). Greater than 50 human senses. Intell. (Psychology)

Katherine Loeb

Loeb, K. L., Grange, D. L., & Lock, J. (Eds.). (2015). Family therapy for adolescent eating and weight disorders: New applications. Routledge. (Clinical Psychology)

Victoria Ludmilla Lusk

Lusk, V. L., Zibulsky, J., & Viezel, K. (2015, January). Child maltreatment identification and reporting behavior of school psychologists. Psychology in the Schools, 52(1), 61-76. (Psychology) 

Jamie Zibulsky

Zibulsky, J., Lusk, V. L., & Viezel, K. (2015, January). Child maltreatment identification and reporting behavior of school psychologists. Psychology in the Schools, 52(1), 61-76. (Psychology) 

Public Administration

Science and Technology

Mihaela Leonida

Leonida, M. D., & Aurian-Blajeni, B. (2015). Molecularly “Wired” Cholesterol Oxidase for Biosensing. The Protein Journal, 34(1), 68-72. doi:10.1007/s10930-015-9599-9 (Chemistry)

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Jason Williams

Williams, J., & Jones, C. (2015). A critical analysis of race and the administration of justice. Cognella Academic. (Criminal Justice)