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Faculty Authors: 2013

Accounting, Business & Taxation

Joseph Skarbnik

Skarbnik, J. H. (2013, January 21). Tax consequences of forfeitures, penalties, and restitution. Tax Notes, 335-341. (Taxation)

Skarbnik, J. H. (2013, February). Formula clauses: Adjusting transfers to eliminate tax. Tax Adviser, 110-116. (Taxation)



Bryan Meadows

Meadows, B. (2013). The Relative Priority of Conceptual and Procedural Knowledge in University Second Language Teacher Education (SLTE) Programs: Perspectives of In-Service Language Teachers in New Jersey. Action in Teacher Education, 35(3), 186-203. doi:10.1080/01626620.2013.806873


English and Literature

Renee Ashley

Ashley, R. (2013). Because I am the shore I want to be the sea. Subito Press. (Literature)

Andrew Fader

Fader, A., Donio, A., Barlow, P., & Beighley, L. (2013). Oh Sandy: An anthology of humor for a serious purpose. New Jersey: Oh Sandy Publications. (Literature)

Thomas Kennedy

Kennedy, T. E. (2013). Kerrigan in Copenhagen: A love story. New York: Bloomsbury USA. (Literature)

Chloe Miller

Miller, C. (2013). Unrest. Finishing Line Press. (Literature)

Janet O'Neil

O'Neil, J. R. (Illustrator), & Miskelly, C. W. (2013). The cape. Exit Zero Publishing. (Literature)

Kathy Stein-Smith

Stein-Smith, K. (2013). The U.S. foreign language deficit and our economic and national security: A bibliographic essay on the U.S. language paradox. Edwin Mellen. (Languages)


Fine Arts

Scott Barnes

Barnes, S. (2013). Making photogravures with polymer plates: A modern twist on historical photo-mechanical printing using steel-backed polymer plates, etched with water, and printed by hand with traditional intaglio processes. United States: ARTandWATER Editions. (Art, Printmaking)

David Landau

Landau, D., & Stern, N. (2013). Noir pointblank. New York: Samuel French. (Fine Arts)




Law, Society and Politics

Richard Muti

Muti, R. (2013). Essays for my father: A legacy of passion, politics, and patriotism in small-town America. Ramsey, NJ: Self-published. (Politics)


Library Science

Mathematics and Statistics

Philosophy & Religion


Charles Schaefer

Schaefer, C. E., & Drewes, A. A. (Eds.). (2013). The therapeutic powers of play: 20 core agents of change (2nd ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley. (Psychology)

Public Administration

Science and Technology

Mark Burgess

Burgess, M., & Burgess, C. (2013). The social employee: How great companies make social media work. McGraw-Hill. (Social Media)

Eamon Doherty

Doherty, E. P. (2013). Digital forensics for handheld devices. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press. (Science and Technology, Digital Forensics)

Gerhard Haas

Haas, G. J. (2013). Follow your nose to the best fruit!: What you need to know about buying, keeping, and using fruit. Unionville, NY: Royal Fireworks Press. (Science and Technology)

Mihaela Leonida

Mihalcu, M. & Leonida, M.D. (2013) The hidden face of form and color, 2nd ed., Ed. Eikon (Materials, Art History)

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Nicholas Baldwin

Baldwin, N. (2013). Legislatures of small states: A comparative study. London: Routledge. (Social and Behavioral Sciences)

Krista Jenkins

Jenkins, K. (2013). Mothers, daughters, and political socialization: Two generations at an American women's college. Philadelphia, PA: Temple University Press. (Social Sciences)