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Who Has Access

FDU students, faculty and staff are able—using their Webmail account user-names and passwords to identify themselves online as members of the FDU community—to gain entry, from any remote location, to FDU Library’s various databases.

There, newspaper, magazine and scholarly journal articles can be found, as well as a great many electronic books, all made accessible through the databases to the FDU online researcher.

Getting Started

To begin, find the library from the University’s website <> or directly from this link; there, at left of screen, choose “A to Z Databases” for a directory of databases.  Select “Multi-Disciplinary Databases” from the subjects drop down menu. While articles in either of these as well as in other disciplines, can be found in the multi-disciplinary databases such as “Academic Search Premier,” it is advantageous, when pursuing detailed research with a narrow focus especially, to avail oneself of the specific area databases.

From off-campus, clicking a database activates the appearance of a window requesting FDU-member identification. Webmail user-name and password must be entered here to proceed, to gain access to the database(s).  Now, try a basic search by entering a search term (or two or more, using the conjunction AND to connect the search terms) in the search window, and then press the “enter” key for results.  Choice of search term(s)—most precise and fewest—is key to good results.  Good, generally, does not mean too many!



Advanced Search

For a more complex or nuanced search, try starting with ADVANCED SEARCH which provides more than one search window into which to enter separate search terms.  The (default) connector AND is already in place between search windows. Moreover, a search can be “tightened” by designating particular fields (within windows opposite the search terms) and by adding other filters, too, to better focus or limit the results to be retrieved.

Find online books in “ebrary” under the “e-Books & Audiobooks” databases category.

For further guidance in searching the FDU Library databases, please see our librarians-prepared research guides such as:

These and more are listed under the Research Guides Directory

Subject Guide

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Eleanor Friedl
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Off Campus Access

Remote (off campus) access to the FDU databases is available only to FDU students, faculty, and staff.

To access a database from off campus, select it from the library's A-Z Databases List. You will be prompted for your FDU NET ID and password. Upon verification you will be given access to the database. 


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