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HeinOnline: Searching and Selecting Results

Navigating HeinOnline

HeinOnline consists of many smaller collections. You can choose to search all of HeinOnline or individual collections. 

To search the all of HeinOnline, use the search bar at the top of the page and leave it at the default "All Databases" 

To search a collection, either click on the collection from the menu on the homepage or click the drop down menu in the main search bar and select your collection(s), or use the Advanced Search feature to select multiple collections.  

* A note on boolean searching. HeinOnline treats uppercase and lowercase AND/and different. To use the boolean AND you need to use uppercase. 

The search results in HeinOnline should be familiar if you have used other library databases. You will be presented with a list of results sorted by relevance. Each result will provide brief information about the entry including the title, author, and source. Some entries will also list PathFinder Subjects. These subjects can help you determine the focus of the article. Lastly, each entry will display a snapshot of the article to show you where your search terms in the article to give you better context when determining if you would like to view the article. 

You are also able to refine your search results further using the Refine Your Search options on the left hand side of the results. You will be able to refine your search by date, collection, subject, or other criteria. This can be especially helpful when looking for resources from a particular time period. 


When you select a result from your search results you will be brought to an article or item record. From here you can view, download, email, or print the article from the menu above the article.

From the side menu you can browse the resource the article is coming from. For instance if it is a journal article you can view the other articles in the same issue. If it is a book you can look at different sections or chapters of that book.

Above the browse feature is the cite button which allows you copy the citation for the article in a variety of citation styles including MLA and APA.

If the article is relevant to what you are looking for you may want to try the "More like this" button in the top menu. This will perform a search to find articles similar to this one. See the "More Like This" tab above for more information.

The More Like This button allows you to find articles similar to the article you are looking at. It also allows you to modify your search to make chose keywords have more impact on your search results. You can also add or eliminate terms to narrow the focus of your results even further. Remember to click submit to see the effect of your changes. 

hein more like this

HeinOnline offers a Venn Diagram search under the advanced search options. This can help you visualize the impact of your search terms on your search results. 

Advanced Search Venn Diagram button

From here you can perform a search using AND or OR and your search terms. AND/OR must be capitalized for it to search as expected. 

Your search terms will appear inside of circles. These circles are sized based on the number of results found per term. You can then click on the different areas of overlap with the circles to see how they effect the search results. 

Venn Diagram in action