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Public Company Information

Annual Reports and public company news use  NetAdvantage  or Nexis Un   both will give you at least five/six years of annual statistics.

SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) United States Federal site is also always available for public companies.

gives both public and private company information. Find the company financials, key competitors, company officers, including their salary where available, and company descriptions.

Database is a comprehensive source of information and advice on approximately 1700 stocks in 98 industries, the stock market, and the economy.

IQS Directory connects industry buyers with a vast network of OEM manufacturing companies, suppliers, and distributors—offering the information they need to make more informed purchasing decisions.

Private Company Information

will give basic company information on over 14 million companies in the United States.

OneSource a database within ReferenceUSAwill give additional private company information on domestic, international and multinational companies.

gives both public and private company information. Find the company financial info, key competitors, company officers, including their salary where available, and company descriptions.

is a multilevel database that gives secondary information on private companies as reported in newspapers and other publications.

gives topics, types and publications that deal with small, private, and sometimes family businesses.This database includes hundreds of sample business plans.   

International and Multinational Company Information

 gives the most extensive information on multinational and international corporations. News stories will be found to the left of the snapshot page.

specializes in multinational and international company information. Public company profiles will give a geographic breakdown of revenue in their company reports. Check the "Revenue Analysis" portion to get this information.

in addition to their overall listing of international and multinational companies it dedicates one volume exclusively to Asian Companies and one volume exclusively to Canadian industries. In general all the Plunkett resources give various statistical information difficult to find in a convenient format.

will give international information on business and trade environments, the current economic climate, statistical rankings, taxation, business culture, trade compliance for imports and exports, and more. Major contributions from Ernst & Young, The World Bank, World Trade Organization, and GALA (Global Advertising Law Alliance) are included.

is a global, non-advocacy, not-for-profit association. It is the world's most widely-quoted private source of management and economic research.Find information on corporate social responsibility discussed in this resource.

 provides geopolitical and economic information on 194 independent and sovereign states of the world. Use the currency converter when searching for economic data and calculating theEXCHANGE RATE.

Business Management Information

will give you both academic and trade publication news about public and private companies. It will give you management styles, strategies, and leadership initiatives.Harvard Business Review is indexed and available full text in this database.  

can be added to the BSP from the "choose databases"search for more local trade publications. 

is a Proquest database that will give management and company information. The Wall Street Journal is accessed through this database use the Publications tab at the top.

gives combined access to 3 business information databases: Business & Industry, Business & Management Practices, and TableBase. This resource contains information on companies, industries, business rankings, demographics, clients and competitors on a worldwide scale.

 is a global, non-advocacy, not-for-profit association. It is the world's most widely-quoted private source of management and economic research.Find information on corporate social responsibility discussed in this resource.

Business Marketing Information

 is a consumer research database with an international scope. It includes data for entrepreneurial studies, sales marketing, target markets, and key current statistical information in over 600 market research reports. Mintel can be used across the disciples to retrieve timely cultural, demographic and environmental trends and statistics that affect international economic conditions.

provides a demographic overview of the United States consumer base. It provided demographics down to the County level of each state. The Lifestyles analysis gives targeting insights into consumer behavior using a high-indexing system. The high-indexing behaviors, of individuals in geographic areas, help to target where markets can flourish.

abulates marketing information on the demographic and psychographic characteristics of individuals, products and services. It is a large composite of statistical information which also uses a high-indexing system to read the information. Call the BRL (BusResearchLibrary) if you need help!

 Industry Analysis gives a capsule overview of various industries. Current market tends, market size and market growth are covered with easy access to industry statistics. Industry leaders are listed in table format.

 provides detailed information on the business of sports. Topics include college and professional sports, endorsements, marketing, market demographics, licensing, sponsorship, and fan market profiles. Data is provided in the form of statistics, directories, and market research reports.

International and Domestic Industry Information

(Datamonitor) gives real time full text reports to 5000 international industries and products. The reports generally discuss competition, pricing, market share, trends, and forecasting. The reports are generated from primary data and they offer tables, graphs, and facts and figures often very difficult to retrieve without membership access to industry specific associations.

provides industry analysis, research, trends and timely industry specific statistics. If you are looking for competitive intelligence information, account plan or sales guide data, market research material, industry marketing data, product strategy data, specific industry trend analysis, industry statistics, job search data, company profiles and executive lists this is the database you should consult.

is a database of key business information. The Industry Surveys give a current and historic analysis of over 50 major U.S. industries including forecasts, trends and current data. NetAdvantage gives a ratio comparison in the PDF version of the Industry Survey. Go to the Industry Tab and chose a verbal industry from the list. Ratios are at the back of the Industry analysis PDF version called Comparative Company Analysis. The Outlook, Register, Stock Guide, Stock Reports and Security Dealers of North America are all individual investment decision making tools that add value to this database.

Finance Information

SEC- U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission database. The federal government requires companies raising over one million dollars from public investment to file disclosure reports with the SEC.

FINRA exists to insure the integrity of the United States securities markets. They are an independent authority which protects all investors both corporate and individual. Go to the individual investor link and click the Market Data box at the top.

Corruption Index in Country Watch Database.  Transparency International is a global coalition against corruption which tracts government and political behavior in 180 countries. Country Watch Database has an easy link to this index. Go to Country Watch Database at the Quick Links entry select your country from the list of countries. Once you have your country scroll down on the left side to INVESTMENT OVERVIEW. Under this heading you will see CORRUPTION PERCEPTIONS INDEX. Click this and you will find a list of countries scroll down to find your country in the list.

For a more comprehensive access to finance resources and databases please use the Finance Resources Library Guide in this series. Thank you. 


CSR=Corporate Social Responsibility

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Very Important Websites

1. How to Cite Business Databases using the APA Style go to:

2. United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics this is a gold mine of current and historic data.

3. If you need data on the City of New York an outstanding source is The Weissman Center for International Business Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College, The City University of New York.